Unique experience
01 feb 2017, Daytona

After the first hour of racing, car #61 was running in a strong fifth position in the GTD class. GRT Grasser Racing Team, after a two months preparation for this specific event, has given Miloš and his teammates a very fast and competitive car. However, long distance races need to be finished without incidents or technical difficulties in order to achieve a good result.

Unfortunately, already in the second hour of racing, Miloš's teammate Roberto Pampanini had an accident which costed the car #61 more then 6 laps. That was possible to recover but only one hour later Michele Betetta suffered a similar accident. With this new accident, the car was damaged more. This required new reparation work and more lost time. After this second crash, car #61 was now 16 laps down and it was clear that a top result was not achievable anymore.
Team made a strategy for Miloš to run in the night. Heavy rain was expected and that was the most critical moment of the race. Miloš drove for the first time at 01h and straight away had to drive a tripple stint. Always among the quickest in the GTD class, he drove his part without mistakes even though the conditions were extreme. Heavy rain, slippery tarmac and very hard tyre made the driving very difficult.
When the time came for Miloš to step in again, new problems arised. This time of a mechanical type. With this new issues the car was forced to spend the last few hours in the garage.
Car #61 finished the race in 17th place in the GTD class.
Miloš's comment: This was a very special experience. Daytona is unique and a race I desire to win. I hope that next time we will be a little more lucky. I thank Lamborghini and the Grasser Racing team for the trust they've put in me".