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Miloš Pavlović


Miloš’s career in karting lasted seven years. He drove his first race in Yugoslavia, on a track in Kruševac on 31 August 1991. He finished his professional karting career with a race in Monte Carlo on 4 October 1997.
He drove in a total of 95 races, starting from pole position 35 times, and achieving 26 wins, 15 second places and 29 third places.
Most important results:


At a gala ceremony in Monte Carlo, a special prize for his personal contribution to the sport of karting, “Karting History Maker”, on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the FIK, the governing body of karting.


Winner of the World Cup in Formula A class – the Ayrton Senna Trophy


Third in the World in 100 Junior class (Pista Salentina, Italy)
Vice-Champion of Europe in 100 Junior class (Braga, Portugal)


Regional Champion of Italy


Champion of Yugoslavia in Mini-Kart
Champion of Yugoslavia in 100 Junior class

Miloš Pavlović

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Professional racing driver, multiple European and World Champion and professional racing coach



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