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Miloš’s racing story started during the summer of 1991. Just one year later he became double champion of Yugoslavia in karting. Wishing to test what his talent was worth on the international scene, he went in 1993 to Italy, where the sport of karting is the best developed in the world. Against such competition, and in his very first season, Miloš became regional champion of Italy, reached second place in the Winter Cup and was very successful in a dozen other races. A good start, heralding a successful career!

Excellent drives and wins in international races in 1994 definitively confirmed a supreme talent. He became vice-champion of Europe in Portugal (Braga), and he came third in the World Championship in Italy (Ugento).

That same year he was elected as the best driver of Yugoslavia.

Miloš achieved real international fame with the greatest success in his karting career in 1996, when he became the youngest-ever winner of the World Cup, the “Ayrton Senna Trophy”.

As a world champion he received an invitation from the International Automobile Federation (FIA) to take part in a karting race in the Bercy hall in Paris, in which the best kart racers of the year compete against Formula 1 drivers.

In that same year, he also completed the Henry Morrogh School in Formula Ford.
During 1997, while still racing in karting, he completed the Jim Russell School in Formula Vauxhall in England. At the end of this year he won the final race at Donington, bade farewell to karting and began a new phase in his career – in single seaters.

Thus, in 1998, he competed in the Formula Vauxhall Junior Championship in Britain. He took part in 12 out of the 16 races in the season. In this, the toughest junior championship of its kind in the world at the time, Miloš finished in 10th position overall.

In 1999, Miloš decided to drive in the British Formula Vauxhall championship. He achieved two pole positions, two wins and three podium finishes. He lost the championship battle when his gearbox failed at Thruxton. This was the only race in the championship which Miloš did not finish and in which he failed to gain a single point. At the end of the season he took overall fourth place in the championship, with 109 points.

He moved up to Formula 3 in 2000, taking part in the British championship. Unfortunately, because of wrong decisions by his then management, he had to drive with a team which was making its debut in the championship. The team did not succeed in providing Miloš with a correct “package” in any of the race meetings. In five out of the thirteen events, he did not finish because of mechanical failures. But even in these conditions, Miloš succeeded in winning 41 points and finishing eleventh overall in the championship.

In addition to 14 races in Britain, he took part in four internationals: the Eurocup Grand Prix in Pau (France), the “Marlboro Masters” in Zandvoort (Netherlands), the Macao Grand Prix (Macao), the Korea Super Prix (South Korea). In the Eurocup, he finished seventh.

In 2002, Miloš’s biggest issue was finance. He therefore decided to move from Britain to Italy to compete in the Italian Formula 3 championship. For the first time since racing in single seaters, he had the chance to drive with a good team – Target Racing, which was able to supply him with everything necessary to fight for the championship. Miloš thus went on to win the championship title convincingly: he had 5 pole positions, 5 wins and 3 second places.

Thanks to this result, he gained the right to the “super licence” which is required to race in the FIA Formula 1 championship.

In 2003 Miloš wanted to compete in the International Formula 3000 championship. However, due to lack of finance, he was forced to look elsewhere. Michel Lecomte, owner of the French team Epsilon by Graff, offered him the opportunity of competing in the newly born championship “World Series Light”, which was sponsored by Nissan. He finished third overall, and was one of contenders for the championship title right up to the very end of the season.

He was also given a special prize for personal contribution to the development of the sport of karting, “Karting History Makers”, by the CIK-FIA, karting’s governing body.

In 2004 Miloš added another title to his CV. Together with the Vergani Formula team he won the World Series Light Championship, scoring 9 pole positions, 7 wins, 7 fastest laps in the race, 9 podium finishes and 2 hat-tricks. After such a fantastic season and the championship title in the World Series Light category, the only logical step for Miloš was to continue his career in the World Series 3.5 championship.
Thanks to the prize money from his victory in the World Series Light championship, Miloš managed finally in 2005 to step into a “3000 cc” category, also called the World Series by Renault Championship. Unfortunately that prize together with his sponsorship were not enough to secure a good drive. This problem was to be a constant issue for Miloš during this and the following 2006 season. However, in spite of this, he managed during these two difficult seasons to score 3 podium finishes, 1 pole position and 1 fastest lap in the race.

Miloš entered the 2007 World Series by Renault championship with a competitive team for the first time. He was contending for the championship title right up to the very last race of the year, achieving in total 2 race wins and 4 podium finishes. He finished the season in third position overall.

In the same year, thanks to his career results, Miloš was awarded “SPORTBEST 2007” by the AUTOBEST organization, as the best driver from central, south-eastern and eastern Europe in 2007. The jury comprised 15 state representatives.

In 2008 Miloš moved into the GP2 Series despite the fact that he was forced by circumstances to join a team which had finished last in the previous season’s championship standings. However, he completed the GP2 Asia championship with results that showed his great potential. After GP2 Asia, he moved into the GP2 Main Series but decided to withdraw after taking part in only two events (Barcelona and Istanbul) due to a complete lack of team-based competitivity.

Taking the global financial crisis into account, Miloš decided in 2009 to compete in the economically-priced Formula 2 Championship. This newly-reborn series had the concept of equality as its main attribute, “on paper“, but it didn’t deliver as promised. Miloš experienced the highest number of technical failures during the season, compared to all other competitors but, even so, he finished the championship in 9th position overall with 2 podium finishes and 1 fastest lap in the race.

At the beginning of 2010, Miloš signed a contract to race in the Formula 1 Championship with USF1, an American team, and believed that his final goal had thus been achieved.  Unfortunately, just before the start of the Championship, the USF1 team ran into financial difficulties and Miloš’s plans to drive in Formula 1 had to be put on hold, since by then all the places in other teams had been filled.

In 2011 and 2012, he took part in some of the races of the FIA GT1 World Championship, driving the legendary Ford GT40 car.

In 2014 Miloš joined the Italian racing team Bonaldi Motorsport. He shared the n. 3 car with the Italian driver Edoardo Piscopo in the Lamborghini Super Trofeo Championship. Together they formed a duo which went on to win both the European and World Championship titles in the main PRO class. This was the first time in history of the Lamborghini Super Trofeo that a car not driven by a single driver won the title, making their achievement even more special.

Thanks to the results achieved by Miloš in the previous season, the Lamborghini Company decided in 2015 that he should join their factory team to work on the development of a new Lamborghini racing car, the Huracán GT3.  Miloš drove in several races, including the 24 Hours of Barcelona, in preparation for the next racing season.


Miloš also became the Lamborghini frontman, taking part in all the company’s marketing and advertising programmes.  Linked to his work with Lamborghini, he could also be seen in the Italian feature-length film “Veloce come il vento” (“Speedy as the wind”), directed by the well-known Italian director Mateo Rovere, starring Matilda De Angellis and Stefano Accorsi.  Of course, in this film Miloš drives a Lamborghini.


In 2016, Lamborghini decided that Miloš should take part, together with Patrick Kujala, in the most competitive European championship for racing cars of the GT3 type. This was the German-European championship, the ADAC GT3 Masters, in which Miloš and Patrick drove a Huracán GT3.  Technical services for the races were provided by the well-known Italian racing team Bonaldi Motorsport.


In 2017, Miloš participated for the first time in the Daytona 24hour race, one of the most prestigious racing events in the world of GT racing. He had to retire because of a technical malfunction in his car.

In the same year, he drove the Creventic International Endurance Series, with two podiums, one first and one second place, and he was second in the overall placement at the Red Bull Ring.

In the same year, he took part in the Lamborghini Super Trofeo Asian Championships. He drove in two races which resulted in one pole position and two wins for him.

In 2018, Miloš participated in the Lamborghini Super Trofeo European Championship – PRO-AM class – driving in six races without significant results. 

In the same year, he also drove in one race in the Italian GT Cup Endurance Championship and won second place.

In 2019, he drove for the second time in the famous Daytona 24hour race, and finished 15th in the overall placement. Unfortunately, the race was stopped by torrential rain.

In 2020, Miloš took part again in the Lamborghini Super Trofeo European Championship in the PRO class, achieving one victory, two second places and one third place, finishing the championship sixth in the overall placement.

In 2021, he continued his participation in the Super Trofeo European Championship, this time in the PRO-AM class, scoring five pole positions and two third places on the podium.

In the same year, he took part in the Italian GT Cup Endurance Championship, achieving one pole position and two victories.

In 2022, Miloš again drove in the Italian GT Cup Endurance Championship. He scored three pole positions, two wins, one second and one third place. With these results, he won the championship title.


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